I am a teacher with over nine years qualified experience including middle leader roles. I’m seeking to further develop as a leader, not only within a subject but on a whole school level. I currently lead a department and in addition to that I am also responsible for new staff induction, training staff on using edtech effectively within the school and I sit on the Teaching & Learning development group. I am also a Head of Year where I am responsible for the nurturing of pupils academically and pastorally. I am about to complete my Masters in Educational Leadership. I have really enjoyed researching and implementing leadership projects and strategies within my current school and it has signalled to me I am ready for new challenges. I am passionate about student outcomes, pedagogy, technology, teaching and learning. I engage in my own professional development outside of school too and through my networking and sharing I was recently asked to run a workshop at the Leicester Teaching & Learning Conference. In addition to this I have presented at various Teachmeets.