An educator with over ten years qualified experience including various middle and senior leader roles responsible for pastoral, academic and professional development within schools. I currently lead on teaching and learning along with leading the science faculty, next year I will be leading on digital strategy across my current school.

In 2020 I won a GESS Award for best use of digital learning in the classroom for school wide strategy and implementation of CENTURY, I also hold a Masters in Educational Leadership along with various other post nominals such as QTS, PGCE, BSc, FCCT, #MIEExpert, #GoogleCE and #AppleTeacher. I’m also the co-founder and co-host of #LearnLiveUAE, a weekly show dedicated to sharing best practices in education, the show can be found on YouTube here.

I’m passionate about student outcomes, pedagogy, technology, teaching, learning and teacher professional development. I engage in my own professional development outside of school too and through my networking and sharing I have run workshops in schools and conferences across the UK and UAE.