An educator with over a decade of qualified experience including various middle and senior leadership roles responsible for academic, pastoral, digital strategy, and professional development within schools. I am currently Head of Digital Transformation across a MAT (8 schools) in the UK.

My current role sees me devise, and deliver the overall strategy, vision, and direction of digital transformation across the MAT. As a part of this, I drive capability and capacity-building programmes across the MAT ensuring all staff are supported with high-quality continuous professional development. I also lead the IT teams across the MAT and on all aspects of GDPR.

In 2022 I was recognized by ISC Research as an Edruptor, an international education influencer. In 2021 I won a GESS award for LearnLiveUAE, an initiative to share best practices between schools and educators across the GCC region. In 2020 I won a GESS Award for the best use of digital learning in the classroom for school-wide strategy and implementation of CENTURY.

I hold a Masters in Educational Leadership along with various other post-nominals such as QTS, PGCE, BSc, FCCT, #MIEExpert, #MIE Fellow, #GoogleCE, and #AppleTeacher. I’m also the co-founder and co-host of #LearnLiveUAE, a weekly show dedicated to sharing best practices in education, the show can be found on YouTube here.

I’m passionate about all things edtech, student outcomes, pedagogy, teaching, learning, and teacher professional development. I engage in my own professional development outside of school too and through my networking and sharing, I have run workshops and presented at schools and conferences across the UK and UAE.